Office of Marriage and Family

Understanding that the family is the domestic church and reveals to the world a unique vision of God's love and life, the Marriage and Family Office of the Diocese of Salt Lake City is dedicated to empowering families in all its stages from conception to natural death. The Marriage and Family Life Office will perform these duties by developing and implementing programs as well as researching and implementing existing programs that enhance family life. The Marriage and Family Life office will work towards these goals through active participation in local, national and international groups that support and protect family life in accordance with Catholic teaching.


Marriage Help – Retrouvaille (pronounced retro-vi with a long i) This program has helped 10’s of 1000’s of couples at all stages of disillusionment or misery. This program can help you too.  Learn more and see upcoming weekends by going to our Retrouvaille page or visit their website at

Marriage Enrichment - Marriage Encounter For information go to our Marriage Encounter Utah page or visit their website directly at Utah Worldwide Marriage Encounter.

Marriage Preparation - please go to the Marriage Preparation section (left-side of webpage).  

Additional Resources:

For family activities during this trying time, go here for weekly ideasAt Home With Faith - Seattle Archdiocese 

Feeling a little stress in your marriage during this time of quarantine?  Dr. James Healy has provided a video series on how to work and improve your marriage during these times. These are short videos that provoke lots of thought and conversation.  These are free and you can subscribe and they will come to your inbox weekly.  Enjoy!  Jim Healy - Rooted in Love  

Need Respect Life information?  You can visit the Respect for Life page for more information or contact the Respect Life Commission here:

Department Contacts

Crystal Painter

Director, Office of Marriage, Family and Pro-Life